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Who's who?

All MSF associations, national, regional and international, are chaired by a president, usually elected by the board of directors from among its members. All board members are elected to the board by association members during the annual General Assembly.

Each association has its own Statutes and Internal Rules, which, among other things, detail the role, term and mandate of the president. Generally, the president chairs the board of directors; is responsible for the good functioning of the association and for the implementation of the decisions of the board and the general assembly; and represents the association externally. Most often, the president has a medical background.

Some presidents are committed to MSF on a full-time basis, while others maintain a full or part-time professional activity outside of MSF. They may be compensated for their time.

MSF International President is elected by the International General Assembly for a three-year term, renewable once.

The International President chairs both the International General Assembly and International Board, and represents MSF International externally. Dr Joanne Liu is the current International President.

MSF Association Presidents

Stewart Condon

MSF Australia

Margaretha Maleh

MSF Austria

Bertrand Draguez

MSF Belgium

Julia Bartsch

MSF Brazil

Wendy Lai

MSF Canada

Heidi Christensen

MSF Denmark

Teresa Bonyo

MSF East Africa Association

Mégo Terzian

MSF France

Amy Neumann Volmer

MSF Germany

Marianthi Papagianni

MSF Greece

Marit van Lenthe

MSF Holland

Nason Tan

MSF Hong Kong

Claudia Lodesani

MSF Italy

Hiroyuki Kato

MSF Japan

Germán Casas

MSF Latin America

Guy Berchem

MSF Luxembourg

Karine Nordstrand

MSF Norway


MSF South Asia Regional Association

Agnes Musonda

MSF Southern Africa

David Noguera

MSF Spain

Katrin Kisswani

MSF Sweden

Reveka Papadopoulou

MSF Switzerland

Javid Abdelmoneim

MSF United Kingdom

Africa Stewart


Chibuzo Okonta

MSF West and Central Africa