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Who can be on the International Board?

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How is the International Board composed?

The International Board (IB) currently is composed of 12 voting members:

  • the International President;
  • five representatives appointed by the MSF Operational Centres (one per Operational Centre);
  • six members (the number of representatives of the Operational Centres plus one) elected by the International General Assembly (IGA).

Two-thirds of International Board members must have a medical background.

Depending on its needs, the IB can also coopt non-voting members, such as a treasurer.

The Secretary General attends International Board meetings as a secretary to the Board without voting rights.


How do elected members get voted on to the International Board?

Elections take place during the annual International General Assembly (IGA), which is normally held in June. Each member of the Assembly has one vote, and International Board members are elected according to the single transferable vote system.

The mandate of an International Board member is three years, with the possibility of election for a second term.


Who can run for election to the International Board?

Individuals who meet one or more of the following criteria can put themselves forward as International Board candidates:

  • experience of senior MSF management in operational projects;
  • senior experience in any MSF executive office;
  • significant experience on the board of an MSF association.

In addition:

  • International Board members cannot hold an executive position within the Association, any of its national or regional associations or within any legal entity registered under the name of MSF.
  • International Board members cannot simultaneously be representatives to the International General Assembly.