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The International Board

© Kate Geraghty

The International Board (IB) is the board of MSF International. It acts on behalf of and is accountable to the International General Assembly (IGA). As the highest associative governance body of MSF, the Assembly delegates duties to the Board, as defined in the Statutes of the association. 

Whereas the Assembly meets once a year for discussions and deliberations and to give direction to the movement, the Board meets about eight times a year, or as necessary to fulfil its governance duties. 

The International Board can be directive but it is intended to have mainly a guiding role, ensuring accountability and facilitating agreement within the movement in a timely manner.

Among other things, the International Board has specific powers in terms of:

  • ensuring accountability for the implementation of International General Assembly decisions;
  • developing a Vision for MSF;
  • making specific recommendations to the Assembly (on new associations and admission of institutional members, for example);
  • resolving conflicts within MSF;
  • opening and closing executive entities;
  • sanctioning members;
  • approving and expelling individual members; and
  • appointing the Secretary General, who runs the executive of MSF International.

The International Board is also the associative body to which the highest executive body of MSF, the ExCom, is accountable for issues such as ensuring timely advocacy, efficient operational support, effective deployment of field resources and avoiding duplication among offices.