Have you worked with MSF and would like to join as a member? Learn more!

Join the Movement-Wide Association

The Movement-Wide Association is the association of the individual members of MSF International. It offers an open space for direct and open communication at an international level, breaking down borders and ensuring that individual members far from a local associative group can also contribute to the movement.

If you have already worked for MSF and are eligible, please fill out all fields of the following application form, indicating the names and email addresses of two people within MSF who can certify that you meet the requirements to become a member:

  • completion of six months under contract with MSF or two assignments in the field for international staff; or
  • completion of 12 months under contract with MSF for local staff; or
  • completion of 24 months under contract with MSF for local volunteers.

The form asks for some information about your professional background, including whether you have experience as international staff in an MSF field mission and whether you have a medical or non-medical background. These last two elements are important for tracking the quotas required for formal Association status in MSF. You can read more about these requirements in the MSF International Statutes. We also ask you to provide some information that will help us adapt to your needs in terms of communications.

If you have experience in several field missions, please indicate the most recent country of work for the purpose of registration. Current and former members of existing MSF associations are eligible for the Movement-Wide Association, so please indicate if you have a membership, past or current. If you are a member of multiple associations please indicate only one of them here for the purpose of registration. By joining the Movement-Wide Association, a member does not relinquish any rights or responsibilities of a previously held membership.

Your application will be submitted to the International Board for approval. You will receive information on the status of your application from movement@msf.org.

Please note if you apply now, we will not have time to process your application in time for the election of the MWA representative at the 2019 IGA.

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