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Join the movement-wide association

Why become a member?

The movement-wide association is the association of the individual members of MSF International. As such, it offers an open space for direct and open communication at an international level, breaking down national borders and ensuring that individual members far from a local associative group can also contribute to the movement.

By associating with MSF at an international level, members will be able to:

  • Discuss topics that concern the whole of MSF and propose solutions to drive the movement forward;
  • Interact and (re)connect with other members across associations, including those they have met on mission;
  • Share their thoughts and experiences with other MSFers, starting and sharing ideas;
  • Contribute to policies that affect all Operational Centres by debating MSF’s work and strategies at the global level;
  • Undertake associative action, by organising their own informal events, gatherings and discussions with other members close by or not.

The movement-wide association will not elect a board but if eligible it will identify two representatives to participate in the debates and decision-making of MSF’s highest governance body, the International General Assembly (IGA).

How to stay informed?

Once a part of the movement-wide association, members will have access to the internal section of this website, where they can search for information, reach out to other members, initiate debates and receive updates from across the movement on our medical action and associative activities.

Members will also receive regular updates from the international leadership groups and platforms, including key associative decisions, priorities and milestones. If you are looking for specific information but are not a member, please contact the international association team at movement@msf.org.

How to vote?

Once the association has established itself and if voted by the IGA, the individual members of MSF International will elect two representatives to attend international assemblies and meetings. The movement-wide association will not send representatives to the IGA before 2013.


Associative membership is often linked to an annual fee. The International Board recognises that a symbolic fee of 15 USD should be included with the application, however it also decided that fees will be waived in the initial stages of the association.

How to register?

The movement-wide association welcomes individuals who wish to uphold and promote MSF values and principles, and who satisfy one of the following criteria:

  • completion of six months under contract with MSF or two assignments in the field for international staff;
  • completion of 12 months under contract with MSF for local staff; or
  • completion of 24 months under contract with MSF for local volunteers.

Current members of other MSF associations are automatically eligible to join the movement-wide association. Membership in more than one MSF association is possible,  the memberships can be both compatible and complementary.

Want to join?