Have you worked with MSF and would like to join as a member? Learn more!

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The commitment of individuals working with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) goes beyond completing an assignment: current and former staff, including returned volunteers, can decide to dedicate their time to contribute to MSF as Association members, and join in the co-ownership of the organisation.

Becoming a member of MSF is a personal choice, involving a commitment to participate in the life and direction of the Association and in reflection on MSF’s work and ambitions. MSF membership does not grant any advantage in terms of employment.

Any MSF staff or former staff at headquarter or project level can decide to join one or several associations, whether national, regional and international, provided they meet the requirements.

Members should choose the association they identify with most, based on personal interest, experience with MSF, language, country of origin or residence, and or the time available to dedicate to associative action.

There is no limit on the number of memberships an individual may hold. The Movement as a whole can only benefit from the flow of ideas between associations and from the enriched debates and stronger sense of community.

Membership criteria may differ slightly depending on the association. For that reason, you should directly get in touch with the association you want to join to check eligibility requirements.

Any individual can apply for individual membership of MSF International, provided one of the following criteria is met:

  • completion of six months under contract with MSF ; or
  • completion of 24 months under contract with MSF for local volunteers.

What are the rights and duties of a member?

Association members have the right and responsibility to voice their opinion and contribute to the definition and implementation of MSF’s social mission, notably through:

  • receiving up-to-date information on the activities, discussions and decisions of the Association and the movement as a whole;
  • organising and participating in formal and informal events and activities with other members;
  • contributing to the future of direction and vision for MSF’s work;
  • electing the board of their national or regional association, and their representatives to the International General Assembly (IGA);
  • demanding explanations on decisions and policies from their board and the executive, as well as their IGA representatives;
  • voting on policies and budgets; and
  • voting on the Statutes and Internal Rules.

MSF members have the duty to pay a membership fee, which is set individually by each association. In their home societies, MSF members are expected to act as ambassadors of the organisation.

Members can join several MSF associations, as multiple memberships are possible.