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International General Assembly

The International General Assembly (IGA) is MSF’s highest governance body. It takes place after the national and regional General Assemblies, and builds on debates in the field and in operational and support offices to enrich movement-wide discussions and decisions. The International General Assembly is in charge of safeguarding MSF’s social mission, defining MSFs vision and providing strategic direction at the MSF movement level.

Each association (formal member of MSF International) sends two representatives to the annual gathering, where each representative has one independent vote. The International President (who is elected by the assembly) also participates and votes at the Assembly.


The 2011 International General Assembly

The 2011 International General Assembly took place in Paris, France and marked the 40th anniversary of MSF. It also provided the first international forum of its kind for the new leadership structure. The IGA was attended by over 300 people, while more than 650 individuals or groups of people watched it online from 50 countries worldwide. People gathered and joined from India, Japan, Burundi, Uganda, France, Switzerland, the US, Spain, Germany, Argentina, Belgium, among others, to watch the IGA. Between 16 and 18 December, as many as 606 hours were viewed online.  


The 2012 International General Assembly

The 2012 International General Assembly will be held in Berlin, Germany, and will again bring together representatives from MSF associations all over the world to debate and decide key issues affecting the global movement today. MSFers can watch in live here.