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The culture of debate, critical reflection and accountability to its members forms the basis of associative action in Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). MSF Assemblies on all levels provide the space for all MSF members to gather, debate and fulfil their responsibility of holding the associative leadership accountable for its actions through discussion and votes. These pages are meant for the MSF community to access information and to participate in Field Associative Debates, General Assemblies and the International General Assembly. Go directly to the member's space.

Field Associative Debates

Field Associative Debates are organised on a yearly basis in all countries where MSF has operations. They bring together MSF field staff and board members to share experiences and discuss topics that are relevant at the local level but also of interest for the movement as a whole.

The outputs from these debates, especially the recommendations and motions that are adopted, are taken on by the associative and executive at General Assemblies and the International General Assembly. This facilitates the flow of opinions, ideas and expertise within the association and keeps it close to the field.

General Assemblies take place directly after the field debates, and the International General Assembly is held after these.

The General Assembly

General Assemblies are the heart of MSF associative life. They are both a key participatory moment for the associative leadership and a social event during which members can meet and connect.

At General Assemblies, members of MSF gather to hold the association to account and make strategic decisions for the future. They can directly interact with and question the board, support or sanction activities and financial accounts of the association by voting on reports by the President and Treasurer. The Assembly is an opportunity for members to voice their opinion, to propose and vote on motions and to elect new board members.

General Assemblies also provide a space for members to bring in fresh ideas, drive the movement forward and raise issues from the field to the associative and executive leadership.